Mini Websets
Something New-Mini Websets maybe you're trying out having a website, on a will
Sitebuilder (although you can only use one patterned background).

Mini-sets include: 2 backgrounds (plus a solid color), 1- page topper, 1 banner, and a
blank button (you do your own text on the buttons)

More mini-sets to come in all themes. (Sorry, no custom or changes).

Below are the sets shown much smaller than actual size.
~Cameo Crow Mini Web Set~
1- Blank Button             1-Banner          
1-Page topper          

~Cameo Crow Mini Webset---$19.95
1 Blank Button             1-Banner          
1-Page topper          

~Wooly in the Woods Mini Webset---$19.95
~Shoppe Window Blog Set~
1- Blank Button               
1-Large logo         
( note: this can also be made into a full webset)

~Shoppe Window Blog Set---$19.95
Full webset-(non-exclusive)---$40.00
Blog Set

web w/ 2 backgrounds

~Faerie Blog Set~
Background & Solid Color       
1-Large logo         

~faerie Blog Set---$19.95
Blog Set
~Mattie's Dress for Blogger or Large
Shown smaller than actual size       

~Mattie's Dress Blog Set---$15.00