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DIY Web Hosting Links
If you are looking for a web hosting program for your new website I suggest
the one's below.

If you would like to have your DIY program listed here, please send me your link and banner.
Choosing  Web Hosting

1. A do-it-yourself template program. If you are at all familiar with eBay's
templates then you can certainly use these and they usually include hosting..
Your graphics upload automatically and you can add pictures and text in the
spaces allowed.  It comes with a shopping cart and once set up, it's ready to go.

2. Web designers. They can get your site up and do all the set up for you,
provide hosting and maintenance.

3. Site building websites (Homestead, Yahoo, etc). These are copy and paste
templates and hosting. You need a little more knowledge of setting up your
shopping cart and such.

Above are some of the companies that provide web design, hosting, graphics
design, and template programs.  Please take a look at their options and
information to acquaint yourself. I hope this helps explain the process and

~Steps to Opening Your Website~

1.) choose a business name
2.) Decide on your hosting/template program
3.) Chose your graphics
4.) Set up the pix and text of your items for sale
5.) Open!
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