~Pink 'n' Sweet~
Collection is: sign, hot pad and mitt, cupcake,
cookies, cake on stand, and sprinkles.


~Clip Art Packages~
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Graphics will be delivered via email in a zip file (specify .gif, jpg or .png) for you to  use in your PSP or Photoshop programs. Please read the terms of use
*You must provide a link and credit back wherever these graphics are used commercially, with the exception of craft items.

*You may not resell nor give away the graphics in the same form as you receive them (as a package or individually). They must be used as part of
something, ie: a webset, tags, biz cards, etc.

*These graphics may not be  used with a third party printing company, mass production (250+ pieces), or in Zazzle type, printed mechandize marketing.
~Garden Package #1~

Collection is: Vine-covered arbor, picket
section, shrub, watering can, sunflower, and
"garden" sign.

~Garden Package #2~

Collection is: petunia flower, flower pot, garden
glove, 2 seed packets, and "Garden Days" sign.

~Springtime Bunnies~

Collection is: vine cornerborder, rake, hoe, and
two primmy bunnies.

~Puddle Stompers~

Collection is: Two girls in raincoats, light and
dark complected, boy, umbrella, sailboat, and
"Rainy Day Fun" banner.

~Independence Day #1~

Collection is: Birdhouse, firecracker bundle,
parade sign, three stars (separate, same
size), and berry sprig (four are shown in

~Fright Night~
Includes: witchy Annie, black cat, "Sleepy
Hollow" sign, two frightful jackos, mask.
red-eyed crow, and orange & black berries.

~Cat's Meow Hallowe'en -orange~
Includes: Trick or Treat tag, Smiling Jack,
Kitty, iron fence section, sliver moon, and two
stars. These are large images.

~Cat's Meow Hallowe'en -eerie
Includes: Trick or Treat tag, Smiling Jack,
Kitty, iron fence section, sliver moon, and two
stars. These are large images.

~Patchwork Fall~
Harvest" sign, scarecrow Andy head, and
orange & black berries.

Includes:Spooky Shoppe Sign, cauldron,
Happy Haunting sign, witch finger, and
assorted bloodshot eyeballs.

~Fall #1~
Includes: Scarecrow, treat bag, grungy
potions jar, calico pumpkin, bare oak trees,
and peanut butter kisses.

~Fall #2~
Collection includes: 2 oak leaves, apple
basket,  caramel apple, pumpkin pie,
and scarecrow head.
~Frames #1~

Set consists of: one heart frame and one
square fancy frame.

~Strawberries backgrounds~

Ten backgrounds that coordinate with the
strawberry package (checks are large and
small version).
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~Web Backgrounds #1~

Eight backgrounds, as shown. These come
as tiles, generally, about 100pxsq.

Eight background tiles in 72 DPI